Message Board User Guide

These tips and tricks will help you get your message board sign ready for the public eye.

Break Apart Letter Sets

  • Letter sheets are pre-scored.
  • Bend letter sheets back and forth along score lines to separate letters.
  • Remove letters as needed.
  • Scissors or cutting tools are not needed.

Lettering Message Board Face

  • Insert bottom edge of letter in tracks keeping letter flat against track.
    Avoid inserting the corner of the letters as this may cut the tape holding the track.
  • Spell out message and arrange words.
  • Flex or bow letter and place top edge under the top track.
    Do no slide letters as this may cut the tape holding the tracks to the panel.
  • Arrange letters on second side of panel following above directions.
  • To remove letters, simply bow the letter to release it from top track.

Large Numbers and Headers

  • 8″ numbers and SALE/Special headers are meant to jump one track.
  • Use headers to replace any two lines of copy.

Helpful Hints

  • Keep message short and simple. It’s okay to have blank lines.
  • Change message and layout on a regular basis.
  • Have a lot to say? Try putting a different message on each side of the sign panel.
  • Use large and small numbers to read 2-tier pricing.
  • Combine words with headers for added impact.
  • Clean periodically with soap and water. Do not use an abrasive cleaner.
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