Write-On/Wipe-Off User Guide

These tips and tricks will help you get your write-on/wipe-off sign ready for the public eye, as well as keep it in good condition.

1. Assemble sign following directions.

2. Shake markers well, press tip on clean sheet of paper to charge tip with ink and test marker on scrap paper. Read marker instructions.

3. Lay sign face on flat surface and decorate sign using markers. Allow to dry.

4. Decorate second side of sign face with same of different message. Allow to dry.

5. Attach decorated sign face to sign following directions and display. Do not decorate sign face while on sign.

6. Use Windex or ammonia based window cleaner to remove old message before starting a new message.

Do not use dry erase or permanent markers on write-on/wipe-off sign face – they will not come off. Use only Posterman markers as supplied with sign.

Helpful Hints

  • Layout sign in advance to ensure message fits and looks good. Large and simple messages have the highest impact.
  • Try to keep message brief and large for maximum impact. Try different messages on each side for more interest.
  • Remember, bigger and bolder graphics make for more effective signs.
  • Use colors, decorations, and graphics for more interest.
  • Change message, colors, and layout frequently to maintain interest.

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These tips and tricks will help you get your message board sign ready for the public eye.
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