Character Sets

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Replace old letters and numbers or add more to your collection with these additional sets. Additional sets are available for purchase for the following signs:

  • Swinger Message Board
  • Springer Message Board
  • Tip-N-Roll Message Board
  • QLA Message Board
  • Cartop Message Board
  • Extra Large Swinger Message Board
  • Extra Large Springer Message Board
  • Extra Large QLA Message Board
  • Roadside Message Board
  • Any Message Board with 4 or 5 inch slots

Sets come in red, black and/or white and include anywhere from 289 to 421 letters, numbers, and symbols. Standard sets include 4″ letter, number and symbols; deluxe sets include the 4″ characters, as well as extra “SALE/Special” headers and a set of large letters and symbols.

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Replacement Sign Faces

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Replace worn out sign faces, or just keep a few on hand as extras, with these blank sign faces. Sign faces are available in both blank “Ready 4 Graphics” and Message Board styles. Message Board faces are double-sided and offer space for 7 lines of copy.

New sign faces are available for the following signs:

  • Tip N’ Roll Signs
  • Swinger Signs
  • Springer Signs
  • Quick Loading Signs
  • Roadside Signs

Sign faces come in black or white. Order just one, or a pack of up to eight!

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